Do you have what it takes?

If we could give you everything you need to get your first 10,000 customers... would you do exactly what we said?This is not a trick question.See, there are a lot of people out there who say “yes” to that question. Say they would do what it takes to get 10,000 customers. But they’re liars.

So, we stopped giving it away for free.

And we started to really ask people whether they were serious about building a successful eCommerce business. Because if you are serious, the path ahead will not be simple and a lot of the time, it won’t be fun.

You'll have to...

Stop treating your business like an art project and get serious about selling and scaling.

You'll have to...

Commit fully to your craft… and no, your craft is not creating content.

And become the...

Best damn eCommerce Founder (and everything that involves) that you can be.

Now, be real with yourself.

Are you going to do that?Are you going to become a master salesperson and marketer?Are you going to give up the bullshit free advice that you find for free online, that actually doesn't do anything for your business?Well, are you?Because if you are and you’re a fighter committed to your business and its success, then we’ll give you our guidebook and your ticket to your first 10,000 customers. All you have to do to access it is fill out your details below.

Get your free guidebook.

Inside, you'll find a complete breakdown of how we built our product business in a highly saturated niche to 10,000 customers.
The 0 to 10,0000 eCommerce customer book

Want help on your journey to 10,000 customers?

We work with early-stage eCommerce founders over a 12 month period to learn the ropes of building a successful eCommerce business. Best of all, you’ll be learning how to do that with the best eCommerce experts in Australia.
What is it?

You'll have access to...

Access to exclusive online training in every area of successful eCommerce business so you can get the best advice at each stage of your business.

Weekly one-on-one strategy calls with our Director, Lucy Bloomfield, to help you continue growing at the pace you want.

Access to exclusive in-person events to improve your personal skillset as an eCommerce founder, develop yourself as a person and scale your eCommerce business.

Everything you need to hit your first 10,000 customers and beyond.

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